Monday, May 30, 2011

Turning the Tides of Feldspar

"Nobody knows what the strange finch says, unless otherwise stated, or if support clause number three is failing miserably, as may be the case in 9 out of 4 cases, so that is what you must beware of, is the Feldspar." Did you know, I will end every sentence in this post with the word Feldspar? Anyway, that is a strange concept but it is a true concept because of the quote I mentioned earlier, which also happens to be about Feldspar. It notes that this rare mineral, called Feldspar, must be avoided at all costs because it has dangerous properties unique only to that of Feldspar. So please, beware of the Feldspar.

Yesterday, in fact, I was walking along a road (I happen to do that a lot, don't ask) but then I saw this huge statue made of Feldspar. I was surprised, but on closer examination, I discovered that there was a plaque that said "This is a statue of a chunk of Feldspar". This proved, beyond doubt, that not only was it made of Feldspar, but it was a statue of some Feldspar. The plaque, by the way, was made of bronze, not Feldspar. But anyway, the statue of Feldspar was located right in front of the building which I wanted to walk in, which was annoying because it is difficult to walk through Feldspar. Pretty much impossible, actually, but then again, that is because of the solid nature of Feldspar.

So yes, that is why I was unable to get into the building, because of some Feldspar. Consequently, I decided to punish said Feldspar by saying it so many times that it starts to lose it's meaning, so that it looks weird when you see the word Feldspar. Also, I have successfully ended every sentence with one word: the word called "Feldspar".

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Here at our CandyCane Llama office complex we have decided to change this blog slightly. This change has caused us to hire over 250 new employees and add a new base in Hummingford, South Carolina. We hope you enjoy these changes as they have cost over $30,000 to put into effect. Happily, we are happy with the effect it has produced.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh No

Oh No i said oh no which clearly states that i am in a tornado! which states clearly that i am in TeXes which is home to the lone star which clearly states that Bart Starr did not live tiger because then the world would not see that the football team of 1601 was falsely commentated by hagrin Dung who clearly stated that dung is something to be proud of,Yes. and now i have said that i will turn the mic over to Lepie Wagodogoo. thank you. oh and deer, don't run into a hippo on the way, they are in west France so be careful!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


When i said "wear oven mitts in the garden" i did not mean Bring the oven with you!! I see you wanted t be warm in the garden... well your plants are dried up and it all your fault!! So there....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

That tree over there

that tree over there
that tree over there
that tree over there is doing nothing but stare...

so jump for joy!
so jump for Larry the purple and green polka-dotted-billed duck!

ladies and notgentlemen! please find a dance partner and plant some coast side rhododendrons in the mountains. Thank you very much!... NO! BART, NO! DO NOT PLAY WITH THE HIGH POWER LEAF!...well, OK, fine, do play with the high power leaf!